Handball Torneo for training


  • Different sizes
  • EHF certified
  • Use without resin


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Handball Torneo in different sizes

The handball Torneo is EHF certified and of very high quality. The ball is made of high-tech PU. In addition, it has a surface with a corrugated structure. This allows the training handball to have an excellent grip. The well-balanced ball also has a 2-mm lamination, which provides a soft ball contact. This combination of grip and soft ball contact allows for optimal playing characteristics even without resin. The ball has the colors turquoise and red.

Use without resin

Important note: The use of resin can cause damage to the ball. Pay attention to the correct use, as incorrect use of the product is not a reason for complaint.

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Ball Size

1, 2, 3

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2 weeks, note: valid for delivery within mainland Germany