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Showing 1–9 of 27 results

Buy basketball stands – directly from the manufacturer!

The basketball stands from artec® come without hoop and backboard. Thus, the scope of delivery actually contains only the actual basketball stand. These are available in different designs:

  • Single pole stands: the basketball stands with one pole are made of an oval aluminum profile and are firmly anchored in ground sockets. The projection of the stand is between 0.3 m and 1.65 m. In addition, we have a single-mast stand in our program, which has no projection and is height-adjustable.
  • Two-pole stands: The two-pole stands have two poles, which are also mounted in ground sockets. The possible projections range from 0.3 m to 3.25 m. While most of the stands are made of an oval profile of aluminum, the basketball stand with 3.25 m projection has an extremely stable sail mast profile in the dimension 142 x 98 mm.
  • Basketball wall construction: The basketball racks for wall mounting have a projection of between 0.9 m and 2.25 m. Some of them are available in swivel design, so that they can be conveniently folded to the wall.
  • Streetball stands: Basketball stands for streetball are made of aluminum or steel and are extremely stable. They come with a high wall thickness, so they are very robust against weather and vandalism. This makes them ideal for public sports facilities. Streetball stands are also a basketball stand with a pole.

The basketball stands from artec® are ideal for outdoor. Due to the use of aluminum or galvanized steel, the products are rustproof and weatherproof. Thus, they can be optimally used, for example, for schoolyards, for sports grounds of clubs or also for public sports facilities.

Basketballständer für Outdoor