Youth Goals

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Showing 1–9 of 44 results

Buy youth goals – directly from the manufacturer!

If you want to buy youth goals, then pay attention to the details! Youth goal is namely not equal to youth goal. Instead, this term hides a variety of goals in different technical designs. The youth soccer goals from artec® are characterized by extraordinary quality and robust workmanship.

According to the applicable FIFA rules, the goal size is 5 x 2 m. Of course, our goals also meet the safety-related requirements and are TÜV certified.

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Technical designs

The youth soccer goals from artec® differ in the following aspects:

Type of installation

The youth goals can either be permanently mounted in ground sockets or purchased as a free-standing version. Free-standing goals have the advantage, especially in youth soccer, that they can be used flexibly, so they can be optimally adapted to training purposes. It is essential to ensure that mobile youth goals are secured against tipping over.


Youth soccer goals in fully welded design are particularly robust. Since the goals are usually played on with high frequency, we at artec® recommend in one piece welded goals. Partially welded youth goals, on the other hand, where the goal and ground frames are each welded, offer advantages in transport.

Goal projections

The upper goal projection is always 0.80 m due to the use of net hoops. The lower projection, on the other hand, can vary and be 1.0 m, 1.5 m or 2.0 m.

Floor frame

The ground frame of our youth goals is manufactured either in rectangular profile (80 x 60 mm) or oval profile (100 x 120 mm).

Youth soccer goals for every purpose

The technical designs just mentioned can almost all be combined with each other. This results in many different goal variants. With this large goal selection, we provide our customers with the right youth goal at any time! Should you still have further wishes, please feel free to contact us!