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Showing 1–9 of 29 results

Edging of sports grounds

For the edging of sports grounds and long jump facilities artec® has the following products in its product range:

  • Track frames and accessories
  • Soft curbs for jump pit edging and shot put facilities
  • Sand traps for long jump facilities
  • Manifolds for technical infrastructure

Einfassung von Sportplätzen

Track frames

The track frames are available in straight and curved versions. The regular radius for the curved frame is 36.5 m. If you require a frame with a special radius, please contact us!

Edging of long jump facilities

The edging of long jump facilities is done with the help of soft curbs. These are available from artec® in different dimensions, so that pits can be bordered to any extent. In addition to the soft curbs, we also recommend sand traps, which can be laid in one or two rows. These prevent the sand from being carried out of the jumping pit and thus prevent soiling of the running track.

Manifolds for sports facilities

The manifolds are used for laying electrical and communication lines and are available from us in various designs. Some of the shafts can be coated so that they blend in perfectly with the surroundings.