Recreational Goals

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Showing 1–9 of 33 results

Buy recreational goals – directly from the manufacturer!

Recreational goals are optimally suited for use on public facilities. They are characterized by long durability and sustainability. This is achieved through the use of high-quality aluminum profiles and robust manufacturing with strong welds.

The following technical designs are available to our customers:


The soccer field goals have either a size of 3 x 2 m or of 5 x 2 m. These dimensions do not comply with FIFA and DFB rules – but they are still great for soccer training or recreational bolting.

Open or closed rear

The closed rear end is preferable to the open rear end in terms of durability. One disadvantage of the aluminum struts in the rear frame is that the ball may eventually bounce back into the field of play on a strong shot. An alternative to the closed rear structure is the open rear structure with a hercules net. This net is equipped with a steel insert, so it is much more robust than conventional goal nets.

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Sand filling and goal wall.

If you choose a closed back, then you have more equipment options:

  • Sand-filled rear wall: The aluminum struts present in the rear structure can be filled with sand. This is achieved that the noise is reduced when the ball bounces.
  • Integrated goal wall: A goal wall can also be integrated into the rear wall of the goal. In this case, the rear structure has two openings (top left and bottom right) of about 50 cm.
  • Sand-filled back wall and goal wall: The sand filling and the goal wall can be combined! So you get a high quality soccer goal with reduced impact noise that can additionally be used for goal wall shooting.

Bolts goal with basketball structure.

Bolt goals can be equipped with a basketball structure. The basketball hoop is attached above the goal, making the bolt goal versatile and usable as a multifunctional goal!

Oval profile or square profile.

The gate frame of our bolt gates consists of an oval aluminum profile (100 x 120 mm) or a square profile (80 x 80 mm). The profiles have a high wall thickness and are robustly processed, so that you get an extremely stable soccer goal.