Anti-tilt device for laying on (4 weights á 40 kg)


  • 1 set = 4 pieces
  • 160 kg total weight
  • Flexible use
  • Robust manufacturing
  • Made in Germany

Lieferzeit: 4 weeks, note: valid for delivery within mainland Germany

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Robust anti-tilt device for laying on goals

The anti-tilt device for laying on consists of 4 individual weights of 40 kg each. These can be simply placed on the base frame and secure the soccer goal from tipping. The individual weights are flexible and modular. They are made of an aluminum profile and contain a steel core filling. This design of the anti-tilt device is therefore extremely robust and stable. It comes from our own production and is manufactured in Germany.

The anti-tilt device is suitable, for example, for our training goals, youth soccer goals and soccer goals!

Requirements for an anti-tilt device

The safety requirements for soccer goals result from DIN/EN 748 as well as from the regulations of the municipal accident associations. These specify that mobile soccer goals must be equipped with ground anchoring (e.g. ground sleeves, ground anchors, etc.) or suitable counterweights must be used to reliably prevent the goal from tipping over. Especially in the case of counterweights, this raises the question of what weight is needed and what technical solution should be used. In this context, it is important to note that different counterweights are required depending on the type of goal and the projection. The following table shows the required counterweights depending on the size of the goal and the projection.

Counterweights for soccer goals according to DIN/EN 748

Additional information

Weight 300000 kg
Single weight

40 kg

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