Ground socket special with bar

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  • For profile 80 x 80 mm
  • 250 mm insertion depth
  • With tilting cover
  • Coatable
  • Also available as lockable version

Delivery time: 2 weeks; note: valid for delivery within mainland Germany

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Ground socket special with bar

The special aluminium socket is suitable for storm protection of landing areas (high jump landing areas and pole vault landing areas) and for wheelchair users for discus throwing, shot put and javelin throwing. The ground socket can be covered with a plastic coating so that it can be optimally adapted to the existing appearance. In addition, the special ground socket has a tilting lid that can be tilted into the lid pocket via an internal rail. The price refers to 1 piece. The ground socket is also available as a lockable version with a key.

The ground socket special with bar is suitable for:

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Intended Purpose

For Discus and Hammer Throw, For Javelin, For High Jump, For Long Jump


Lockable, Not Lockable




Square profile 80 x 80 mm

Socket Depth

250 mm