Pole vault landing area with exchangeable fore mats

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  • Type GOLD
  • With intermediate base
  • Double hollow chamber system
  • Non-slip underfloor

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Pole vault landing area with exchangeable fore mats by artec®

The pole vault landing area (type GOLD) is characterized by the following features:

  • Double hollow chamber system RG 23
  • Hollow chamber modules individually upholstered
  • With intermediate base
  • Non-slip underbody
  • Spike protection with moveable mesh fabric
  • Wear mat made of firm PUR foam RG 20
  • Mat cover with carabiner quick release fastener
  • Incorporated air softening strip
  • PE slatted frame (only for fore mats)

World Athletics ZertifikatThe pole vault landing area with exchangeable fore mats is certified by World Athletics in size 8 x 6 m.

To protect the pole vault landing area from wind and weather, artec® recommends a support platform, a rain cover and a safety cover. We also offer an overview of our track and field mats in various designs.

Additional information


7 x 5 m, 8 x 6 m


80 cm



Slatted Frame

Without PE slatted frame

Intermediate floor

With intermediate floor

Type wear mat

Made of PUR foam RG 20


Spike protection mesh

Type blocks

Double hollow chamber system RG 23, blocks individually covered

Mat Cover

Made of polyester fabric

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