Steel single pole streetball system


  • 1.65 m projection
  • With backboard, hoop and net

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High quality single pole streetball system made of steel

The single pole streetball system made of steel (hot-dip galvanized) is manufactured from square profiles with dimensions of 150 x 150 mm and is welded in one piece. The projection of the facility is 1.65 m.

With backboard, hoop and net

The streetball system is equipped with a backboard made of mesh, which has a circumferential frame. The dimensions of the backboard are 1.20 x 0.90 m. In addition, the system comes with a hot-dip galvanized basketball hoop and a chain net that is also hot-dip galvanized.

Note: If the projection is less than 2.25 m, the single-pole steel facility should be equipped with an appropriate protective pad in the square profile.

Streetball systems and more from the manufacturer

In addition to steel and aluminum streetball systems, we also offer single pole streetball facilities, double pole streetball systems and basketball systems for wall mounting. Get also an overview of the different outdoor basketball systems!

Additional information

Weight 300 kg


Color / Surface

Galvanized Steel



Extension Arm

1.65 m


Square profile 150 x 150 mm

Wall Thickness

5 mm

Basket and Backboard

With Basket and Backboard

Type target board

Made of mesh, 1.20 x 0.90 m

Basket Type

Galvanized Steel

Net Type

Steel Chain Net

Delivery Time

4 weeks, note: valid for delivery within mainland Germany