Soft curb elbow made of polymer concrete, 250-250/60/400 mm


  • Price per piece
  • For jump pits
  • With rubber profile
  • Color: White

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Soft curb elbow made of polymer concrete for long jump pit (250-250/60/400 mm)

Soft curb elbow, made of polymer concrete, with rubber profile in the color white for long jump pits.

For a long jump pit measuring 9 x 3 m, 4 of these soft curb elbows and the following items are required:

As a sports equipment manufacturer, we can also inform you about products you need to equip a long jump facility!

Additional information

Weight 300 kg

250-250 x 60 x 400 mm


Elbow Piece




Long jump facility

Delivery Time

4 weeks, note: valid for delivery within mainland Germany

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