Stationary soccer court

  • Circumferential ball stop net
  • Coplast barrier
  • 2 recreational goals with 3 x 2 m
  • Various sizes available (please indicate desired size when enquiring)
  • Including mounting in ground sockets set on site
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Stationary soccer court with recreational goals

TÜV certificate

Soccer Courts – also called mini playing fields – are manufactured by artec® exclusively in Germany using high quality materials. The stationary soccer court is equipped with coplast barrier elements, a circumferential ball stop net as well as two goal posts. The product is TÜV certified and available in the following sizes:

  • 15 x 10 m – 44 m barrier length (SKU: 30331)
  • 20 x 13 m – 60 m barrier length (SKU: 30333)
  • 30 x 15 m – 84 m barrier length (SKU: 30330)
  • 40 x 20 m – 114 m barrier length (SKU: 30334)


  • Permanently installed barrier made of coplast, embedded in ground sockets
  • Playing field barrier made of unbreakable plastic elements, stable and weatherproof
  • All-round, high-quality aluminum profiles for the retaining construction
  • Height of barriers: approx. 1.00 m; element length: 2.50 m
  • No stands or other fixtures in the playing field area, reducing the risk of injury to the players
  • The barriers are suitable for perimeter advertising
  • Stainless steel / aluminum screw connections and retaining structures are included
  • Ball catching posts made of special aluminum profiles
  • Ground sockets for setting in concrete included

Recreational goals

  • 2 recreational goals (size: 3 x 2 m), square profile made of aluminum: 80 x 80 mm, with open back and side entrance
  • Double deburred, milled net suspension, for safe net installation, reduced risk of injury
  • Ground anchoring with composite anchors

Ball catching system

  • Ball catching posts around the soccer court
  • All-round ball stop net up to 3 m high (2 m above the perimeter), mesh size 100 mm, green

Assembly and additional equipment

Stationary soccer court directly from the manufacturer! We offer a soccer court for highest demands including assembly (note: ground sockets must be installed by the customer beforehand). If desired, the mini playing field can be combined with further additional equipment:

  • Barrier with glazed barrier elements
  • Barrier advertising for your sponsors
  • Stable multifunctional posts (volleyball, tennis, badminton and fistball)
  • Noise reduction: on request with noise-reducing fittings and insulation panels possible
  • Mini goals in all common sizes
  • Different types of goals (e.g. closed back or also with basketball attachment)
  • Ball stop nets can also be stretched over the soccer court
  • Instead of ball stop nets, ball stop grids are also possible

Note: The ground coverings as well as all ground installation parts are to be provided by the customer!

Additional information

Weight 300000 kg

15 x 10 m, 20 x 13 m, 30 x 15 m, 40 x 20 m



Type of Barrier


Delivery Time

On request

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